Audio Signal
  • Standard
    • SACD(Super Audio Compact Disc)

$20 log (p_2/p_1) dB = 10 log ((p_2)^2/(p_1)^2) dB = 10 log (P_2/P_1) dB$

  • Sound pressure, sound level and dB
    • Sound is usually measured with microphones and they respond (approximately) proportionally to the sound pressure, p. Now the power in a sound wave, all else equal, goes as the square of the pressure.
  • Foamat
    • DSD(Direct-Stream Digital)
      • 1-bit/2.8442Mhz
    • LPCM(Linear Pulse-Coded Modulation)
      • IEC60958 (uncompressed LPCM)
      • IEC61937 (Dolby, DTS, etc.)
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