option description
--srcdir=dirname to specify the directory where sources are
--prefix --exec-prefix --bindir --sbindir --libexecdir --sysconfdir --sharedstatedir --localstatedir --libdir --includedir --oldincludedir --datarootdir --datadir --infodir --localedir --mandir --docdir --htmldir --dvidir --pdfdir --psdir standard directory variables
--build=buildtype should be equivalent to a plain buildtype argument
--host=hosttype compile a program to run on a host type that differs from the build type
--target=targettype specify a target different from the host
--enable-feature[=parameter] build and install an optional user-level facility called feature. Giving an optional parameter of ‘no’ should omit feature, if it is built by default.
--with-package configure this package to work with package
variable=value override the default values of commands or arguments in the build
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