AV Sync
  • ITU-R BT.1359-1 - Relative Timing of Sound and Vision for Broadcasting
  • ITU-R BT.1377 - Labelling of video and audio apparatus throughput (processing) delay
  • DDO (digital delay output)
    • To correct audio video sync problems, the video processing circuitry outputs a DDO (digital delay output) signal, which carries information about the amount of delay the video signal experiences due to the processing. The audio synchronizer receives the DDO and in response delays the audio by an equivalent amount, thereby maintaining proper audio video sync.
  • A/V Sync in the MPEG-2 System
  • This time stamp is the indication of time mentioned in the previous question.
  • Reference time stamps are to be found in the PES syntax (ESCR), in the program syntax (SCR), and in the transport syntax (PCR).
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