• The discharge rate is given in terms of C rating, a C rating of 2C means that the battery is discharged in 1/2 hours. The measured capacities are given relatively to the capacity at the 2 hour discharge rate, 0.5 C. The figure shows that the effective capacity drops for high discharge rates.
  • The effective capacity is lower for high discharge currents.
  • Passivation effect
  • Battery capacity versus load power over wide range of loads
  • Analytical models
  • Stochastic battery models
  • Lead Acid Battery
  1. Memory is derived from “cyclic memory,” meaning that a nickel-cadmium battery could remember how much energy was drawn on previous discharges and would not deliver more than was demanded before.
  2. The term “memory” on the modern NiCd refers to crystalline formation rather than the cycling memory of old.
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