Bluetooth Packet
device access code (DAC) used during page, page scan and page response substates and shall be derived from the paged device’s BD_ADDR
channel access code (CAC) used in the CONNECTION state and forms the beginning of all packets exchanged on the piconet physical channel; shall be derived from the LAP of the master’s BD_ADDR
inquiry access code (IAC) one general IAC (GIAC) for general inquiry operations and 63 dedicated IACs (DIACs) for dedicated inquiry operations
Type Consistency Description
NULL CAC and packet header The NULL packet may be used to return link information to the source regarding the success of the previous transmission (ARQN), or the status of the RX buffer (FLOW).
POLL CAC and packet header Upon reception of a POLL packet the slave shall respond with a packet even when the slave does not have any information to send unless the slave has scatternet commitments in that timeslot. This return packet is an implicit acknowledgement of the POLL packet.
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