• Network Bootloader
  • General Command
Explain U-Boot CFE YAMON
interrupt booting pressing any key Ctrl+C
online help help/? help
board info structure bdinfo show soc
reset cpu reset reset
run commands in аn environment vаriаble run
  • Environment Variables Command
Explain U-Boot CFE YAMON
print environment variables printenv printenv
set environment variables setenv variable value setenv variable value
unset environment variables setenv variable unsetenv variable
save environment variables to persistent storage saveenv setenv -p variable value
  • Download/Boot/Go Command
Explain U-Boot CFE YAMON
invoke DHCP client to obtain IP dhcp ifconfig device -auto
loads load serial_device
transfer image by TFTP tftp load -raw host:filename
boot from memory bootm
transfer image by TFTP, then bootm ftpboot boot -elf -z host:filename
get ipaddr by BOOTP/DHCP, then ftpboot bootp ifconfig device -auto;boot -elf -z host:filename
start application go go
  • Flash Command
Explain U-Boot CFE YAMON
flinfo show flash
Linux compatible MTD partition mtdparts
update flash cp ("knows" about flash memory areas) flash
nand info
nand device
nand read
nand write
nand erase
  • Environment Variable
Explain U-Boot CFE YAMON
ethernet device NET_DEVICE
IP address for TFTP ipaddr NET_IPADDR
subnet Mask netmask NET_NETMASK
target hostname hostname
TFTP server IP address serverip
default image loaded with TFTP bootfile
default load address loadaddr
passed to Linux kernel as boot arguments (aka "command line") bootargs
command automatically executed when starting bootcmd STARTUP
  • Devices
Explain U-Boot CFE YAMON
store the environment variables eeprom0
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