circuit analysis
  • Textbook
    • Engineering Circuit Analysis by Hayt 8th
      • 大學常用書
      • 課文說明易懂..過程推導詳細..習題中上難度且豐富
    • Electric Circuits by Nilsson & Riedel 9th
      • 大學常用書
      • 題型多.題數多.而且難題也多..很適合考試
    • Introduction to Electric Circuits by Richard C. Dorf & James A. Svoboda 8th
    • Fundamentals of Electric Circuits by Alexander and Sadiku 3rd, 4th
  • a single current source and a resistor in parallel
  • $i=i_o+i_{sc}, i_o=\frac{-v_o}{R_{TH}}$
$i = C \frac{dv}{dt}$
  • The current of capacitor is the differential of the voltage multiplied by a constant C.
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