Color Space
  • Lightness
  • Intensity is radiant power in a particular direction.
  • Radiance is intensity per unit projected area.
  • xyY color space
    • The xyY color space is a transformation of the CIE XYZ color space onto 2 dimensions.
    • This allows the illustration of color using a graph like the Chromaticity Diagram and it removes the luiminance component of color.
      • The CIE 1924 photopic luminosity function is included in the CIE 1931 color-matching functions as the y function.
    • Luminosity function
  • The formulas for determining xyY are as follows:
    • x = X/(X+Y+Z)
    • y = Y/(X+Y+Z)
    • Y = Y
  • Recalculate X and Z
    • z = Z/(X+Y+Z) = (1-x-y)
    • X = (Y/y)*x
    • Z = (Y/y)*z = (Y/y)*(1-x-y)
  • Luma+2 color difference signals
  • YUV
    • YUV and Y'UV were used for a specific analog encoding of color information in television systems, while YCbCr was used for digital encoding of color information suited for video and still-image compression and transmission such as MPEG and JPEG.
  • approximate the way humans perceive and interpret color
  • Munsell Color Cascade
  • Subtractive
    • CMYK
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