Digital Audio
  • PCM(Pulse-Code Modulation)
  • speech/voice compression format
  • audio compression format
  • MPEG1
    • Layer I(.mp1 or sometimes .m1a)
    • Layer II
      • a lossy audio format designed to provide high quality at about 192 kbit/s for stereo soun
    • Layer III
      • a lossy audio format designed to provide acceptable quality at about 64 kbit/s for monaural audio over single-channel (BRI) ISDN links, and 128 kbit/s for stereo sound.
  • MPEG-2
    • part 2
      • similar to the previous MPEG-1 standard, but also provides support for interlaced video
    • part 3
      • enhances MPEG-1's audio by allowing the coding of audio programs with more than two channels
      • additional bit rates and sample rates for MPEG-1 Audio Layer I, II and III
  • Equalizer
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