• DisplayPort Technical Overview
    • Unlike other uncompressed data display interfaces, data packet utilization is similar to communication standards such Ethernet PCI utilization is similar to communication standards such Ethernet, PCI Express, USB, SATA
    • DisplayPort: A Look Inside 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Link layer
  • The link service is used to discover, configure and maintain the link with devices it connects to – it does this using DPCD via the auxiliary channel. When hot-plugging is detected via the hot-plug channel, the PC (or other source device) reads the capabilities of the display via the DPCD and then configures the link though what is known as Link Training.
  • A Link Layer Design for DisplayPort Interface
  • PHY layer
    • The PHY layer is split up into two sub-blocks, Logical and Electrical.
    • The logical portion of the layer is focused on scrambling/descrambling or encoding/decoding of data.
    • The electrical portion of the PHY layer is responsible for serialisation/de-serialisation, current driving and receiving, and pre-emphasis/equalisation for the main link.
  • Scrambling/de-scrambling of data for Main Link
  • Inter-lane skew insertion/removal
      • 2 Link Symbols of skew between adjacent lanes
  • Encoding/Decoding
      • ANSI8B/10B for Main Link
      • Manchester II for AUX CH
  • Power Management
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