command description
: A label is any sequence of up to seven characters. There are no spaces permitted between the colon and the label.
b branch : transfers control unconditionally in a script to a line containing a specified label. If no label is specified, control passes to the end of the script.
c change : replaces all addressed lines with a single copy of the text. No command following the change command in the script is applied.
d delete : deletes the contents of the pattern space and causes a new line of input to be read and a new pass on the editing script to begin from the top
n next : outputs the contents of the pattern space and then reads the next line of input without returning to the top of the script
t test : branches to a label (or the end of the script) if a successful substitution has been made on the currently addressed line
pattern description
BEGIN before any lines are read
blank or null matches every line
END after the last line is read
by jserv
  • Emacs
command ~ Description
CTRL-a Move to beginning of line
CTRL-e Move to end of line
ALT-b Move cursor back one word
ALT-f Move cursor forward one word
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