• Textbook
    • Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Displays: Fundamentals and Applications
    • Liquid Crystal Display Drivers: Techniques and Circuits
  • SPWG(Standard Panel Working Group)
  • PSWG(Panel Standard Work Group)
  • 39吋面板最適於在6代線生產,50吋可在7代線取得最佳切割率
  • 8.5代、6代廠做主流產品32吋面板
  • 7.5代線的經濟切割尺寸包括液晶顯示器、電視用的24吋面板,以及電視用40、42吋面板
  • Passive Matrix
    • The passive technology is also used for graphics displays, comprising a matrix of rows and columns.
  • a-PIN Diode
  • MIM(Metal/Insulator/Metal) Diode
  • RTC(Response time Conpensation)
  • motion blur, "ghosting" is a term often used when slow response time digital televisions or digital monitors have motion blur during fast motion.
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