• FRC(Frame Rate Converter)/Panel Processor
    • accepts 50/60 Hz input via its LVDS input from an LCD TV's image processor
    • creates interpolated frames between two input frames, thereby producing a 100/120 Hz frame rate output capable of driving a 100/120 Hz LCD TV panel via the processor's LVDS interface
  • De-interlacing
  • Interlacing
    • A television actually updates the display at 60 fields per second (or 50 fields per second for PAL/SECAM video).
  • Up-Conversion
  • Pulldown
    • 2:2
      • The PAL video standard broadcasts at 25 frames per second, so the transfer from film to video is simple; for every film frame, one video frame is captured.
      • convert 24 frames/s material to 25 frames/s(2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:3)
      • 2-2pulldown.svg
    • 2:3
      • convert from 24 to 29.97 frames/s
      • 3_2_pulldown.svg
      • A 3:2 pattern is identical to this except that it is shifted by one frame. For instance, starting with film frame B, followed by frame C, yields a 3:2 pattern (B-B-B-C-C).
  • Film Mode
  • Vendor
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