• ISO/IEC 13818-1
  • defines multiplexing scheme for streams of video, audio, and data
  • User-to-Network Download

* Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB); Professional Interfaces: Guidelines for the implementation and usage of the DVB Asynchronous Serial Interface (ASI)
* Asynchronous Serial Interface, or ASI, is a streaming data format which often carries an MPEG Transport Stream (MPEG-TS).
* It is typically physically carried on 75-ohm coaxial cable, terminated with BNC male connectors on each end.
* There are two transmission formats commonly used by the ASI interface: the 188 byte format and the 204 byte format. The 188 byte format is the more common ASI transport stream.
* When optional Reed–Solomon error correction data are included, the packet can stretch an extra 16 bytes to 204 bytes total.

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