• Textbook
    • Phaselock Techniques by Floyd M. Gardner
      • Gardner's book is good but was written before the charge pump PLLs with digital phase detectors.
    • Frequency Synthesis by Phase-Lock by William F. Egan
      • William Egan's book has some chapters describing frequency dividers and phase detectors.
    • Phase Locked Loops 6/e: Design, Simulation, and Applications by Roland Best
      • Best's book is very detailed on describing locking process.
    • Razavi
      • Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuit
        • Chapter 15
      • RF Microelectronics
    • Integrated Circuit Design for High-Speed Frequency Synthesis by John Rogers
      • It deals with a lot of the IC-design-specific issues in PLL design, and makes an excellent accompanying text to Gardner or Egan.
    • PLL Performance Simulation and Design Handbook 4th by Dean Banerjee
  • Appliances
  • Using PLLs to Obtain Carrier Synchronization Part 1, Part 2
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