• A session can have a controlling tty.
  • At most one process group in a session can be a foreground process group.
  • typedef struct __wait_queue_head wait_queue_head_t(each wait queue has a head)
    • spinlock_t lock
      • Because wait queues can also be modified in interrupts, a spinlock named lock must be acquired before the queue is manipulated.
    • struct list_head task_list
      • a doubly linked list used to implement what it’s best at queues
    • Declaring Wait Queue Head
      • init_waitqueue_head
  • Executable Files
  • Core Dump
    • Core dump is an operation of saving current state of a process and its memory to a file when the program crashes.
    • The resulting file, usually called core can be used by a programmer to find out what happend.
    • Usually a debugger is used in the process.
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