Program/Service Information
  • MPEG-2 PSI(Program Specific Information)
  • In Transport Streams, Program Specific Information is classified into five table structures.
  • Adaptation fields may occur in Transport Stream packets carrying PSI sections.
  • The associated signalling tables consist of the description of the elementary streams which are combined to build programs, and in the description of those programs. Tables are carried in sections. The signalling tables are called PSI (Program Specific Information).
  • Signalling is carried in PSI sections. Conditional Access messages are usually also carried in PSI sections. Downloading of data will almost certainly use the PSI section mechanism.
  • Network Identification
  • Network Name
  • Tuning parameters with support for various delivery media (Cable, Terrestrial, Satellite)
  • Information about the current network uses table_id of 0x40, that about other networks uses table_id of 0x41.
  • It is segmented into network information sections and is carried on PID 0x0010.
  • PID for VCT shall have the value 0x1FFB (base_PID)
  • Terrestrial Virtual Channel Table(TVCT)
    • table_id 0xC8
  • Cable Virtual Channel Table(CVCT)
    • table_id 0xC9
  • Virtual Channel
    • service_type
    • Descriptors
      • Service Location Descriptor
  • Electronic program guide
    • combining primarily the EIT and the SDT
    • both the time and description is provided to the viewer via some form of EPG
    • can provide a Parental Guidance lock function through PIN number access
  • Functionalities
    • 節目預告:提供可長至一個星期的所有節目資訊
    • 節目分類:如新聞、體育、影視、綜藝等
    • 節目預訂:利用節目清單,預訂將要播放的節目
    • 當前播映節目之瀏覽
    • 附加之詳細節目資料:如節目情節介紹、演員名單、起使時間、節目長度等節目分級控制
  • Information Sources
    • 在MPEG-2之ISO 13818-1標準書中定義的節目特定訊息(PSI),如NIT、PAT、CAT、PMT等表和描述符號
    • 在DVB-SI服務訊息標準書中,所定義的表和描述符號,如SDT、TDT、EIT等
    • 附加的專用描述符號,例如簡短事件描述子(short_event_descriptor )
  • The System Time table also transmits the GPS_UTC_offset value, which is used to rationalize the UTC time used by most modern timing systems with the GPS time base upon which the System Time table is based. The current value for this field is 15, as of January 1, 2009. No change in this value will occur until the end of June, 2010 at the earliest.
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