RF chip
  • Textbook
    • RF Circuit Design 2nd by Christopher Bowick
    • Microwave Engineering by Pozar
    • The Design of CMOS Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuits 2nd by Thomas H. Lee
    • RF Microelectronics by Rezavi
  • RF chip
    • 射頻晶片則是用來接收空氣中所傳來的高頻訊號,轉成系統可接收的中低頻訊號,以及將系統中的中低頻訊號,加以升頻成高頻訊號再發送出去,因此射頻晶片的元件包括控制訊號強弱的功率放大器(PA)、收發器(Transceiver)、表面聲波濾波器(SAW Filter)、多工器(Duplexer)以及合成器(Synthesizer)
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