• Semantics
  • signal handler does not remain installed once called(reset signal behaviour to SIG_DFL upon invocation of the signal handler)
    • there is a race condition in which the signal can arrive again before the handler is re-installed, which can cause the signal to either be lost or for the original behavior of the signal to be triggered
  • there is no counter
    • the second one will be lost if it arrives before the signal handler is called
  • In earlier versions of the UNIX System (such as Version 7), signals were unreliable.
  • Functions
  • signal
    • unreliable-signal semantics
  • sigset
  • sighold
  • sigrelse
  • sigignore
  • sigpause
  • Specific Issues
  • <bits/signum.h>
  • SIGINT is sent when the user on the process' controlling terminal presses the interrupt the running process key — typically Control-C(^C).
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